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What is rBreach?Edit

SCP: rBreach is a game made by a Roblox user named Ancientroboman. rBreach is inspired by SCP: Containment Breach (made by Undertow Games) and by SCP: Secret Laboratory (made by Hubert Moszka). The game is also inspired by a gamemode from Garry's Mod, titled Breach.

The game's creator can be found here, for those wanting to see the creator's profile.

SCP: rBreach can be found here, for those wanting to play the game itself.

Ancientroboman, the game's creator, is a solo developer, with no one else deving with him.

However, from what it looks like from the title, it looks like the creator is doing a builders competition, so currently, we are not sure. Updates will roll around soon.

Current rBreach Teams/Factions Edit

Security Detail

Mobile Task Force

Facility Personnel

Chaos Insurgency



Serpent's Hand



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SCP Security Logo

SCP:F Security Department Logo (from the official SCP wiki)

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